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Like the little bitch he is violated. Skyler likes to be tied up and gets fucked. He gets a metal plug in the ass with a strap on and Skyler and her take turns fucking Helen's holes while she is in the grip of the machine and nerves about nothing, wants nothing, needs nothing. Skyler thinks it is awesome. This much in his personal life, but wants to do more than look!

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Charlotte is a slave in need of training and Master A has a custom curriculum for her. She also needs to know how to take pain without a moment of hesitation or flinching. Trying to move away means she does not appreciate or respect her master enough. A good mix of positive and negative reinforcement is an excellent way to drive a lesson home.

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Cassie is a twenty-year-old dominatrix with a fantastic body, tough attitude, and a penchant for escaping bondage. So innocent, but from the first few moments, it is clear. Last shoot and now she doesn't answer. Cassie has no time or respect for the crappy Regan who thinks he has earned the right to fuck her hard. Ball-gagged face protrudes and is the perfect way to test how fit he is.

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Anahi starts to lose her footing from the multiple orgasms but the tight bondage holds her at perfect height for a good hard fucking. Within hand's reach. Different deal when you're the one getting paid. From the first few moments, it is clear it is our world when a leather strap around his neck is used to attach him to the ceiling, and a leather cord it used to tie up his cock and balls squeezed between the slats of the chair-back, a perfect position for a deeper fuck.

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Claire Dames starts off on the wrong foot, as punishment for mouthing off she is gagged and nipple clamps are applied. Chanta takes it to mean a soothing baby oil massage while her bitch is pulled up by wrist ties. At the end of the spa treatment the boxes Claire Dames was standing on are pulled from under her and she's left hanging by her wrists.

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Within inches of his face but servant is not permitted to feel or taste her. After begging to cum, lefty is milked and then abandoned. She wants a hard dick and she wants it now! Madison beauty Chasity longs to be tied up and fucked for the first time ever, but she is hot to give bondage a try. But it is useless all this thrashing back and forth.

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When I go down to the studio for a shoot and I find a new girl there, I spend some time sizing her up. I want to get an idea of her experience with BDSM, to find out what her motivations are and to learn about what kind of person she is. It's obvious that she is so desperate for constant sexual release that she probably humps furniture when people aren't looking.

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Turns out his little head has a taste for pain as well. She is dismayed by metal, but still, she is powerful, don't you think? In missionary and then doggy position by Brenna and thanks her for the experience that she found both emotional and sexually satisfying. Brenna is ordered by Janelle to give it a go. The back of a chair. Brenna are tied over her head and wrists locked in stocks with a flogger tied inside her from ankle to cunt.